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Single And Album Launched!

Happy New Year!

Well the festive season passed by in a blur. Apart from the usual festivities and the usual over indulgence in beer and food, we were gorging ourselves on the great feedback for our latest single "Without Me". Released on Christmas Eve we were wondering if we had picked the right date to release as everyone might be to pre occupied with opening their presents. However, we needn't have worried as it it has smashed all our expectations. Its been streamed almost 85,000 times on Spotify alone. Its been picked up by playlist curators in Europe, US and Latin America and word is spreading fast.

Then to follow it up on the 7th of January the album "Pandora's Box" launched. Almost immediately after we were told that the single "Without Me" and "Other Side Of Me" have been submitted for TV sync opportunities by a very high profile Music Publisher. Its been a great start to the year. The checklist is written and between finishing off songs that we couldn't get ready in time for the Album and planning some showcase gig, we pretty much have the year ahead fully mapped out!

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