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We've Came A Long Way In 6 Weeks

When we released All To Do at the end of September we were strapping ourselves in for this rollercoaster we love to ride. For an artist, particularly an independent artist. That puts their blood, sweat and quite literally every spare penny they have into the production and release of new music.. The release of a new song or album can be a time of bone shaking nerves. If a song gets picked up, reviewed or playlisted it can make the difference between staying on the rollercoaster or bailing out to live a life of unfulfilled regret.

We thankfully the response to our first 3 singles has been absolutely awesome. On Spotify alone we have reached over 1000 followers, and had nearly 50,000 streams! This is not to mention radio play where Sin has been picked up by Canadian and Brazilian radio and Lost Highway has been in rotation on Amazing Radio in the US.

Something tells us that we are making music that connects with listeners, play listers, radio hosts and critics.

Check out these great reviews that we have received so far..

Giant Head Collective release ‘Sin’ Ft Scott Mulhearn — WEAREYMX

Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Sin Ft. Scott Mulhearn is Giant Head Collective's Single Out Now

“Lost Highway” by Giant Head Collective - Rising Artists Music Blog (

Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | E.A.Poets Approved/Bands We Like - Giant Head Collective

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